Brilliant colours and amazing images – Ultraviolet Gallery makes audiences part of the light festival

Face painting at Finlandia Hall, 5-9 January 2019, 5pm-10pm

The Ultraviolet Gallery once again presents a stunning series of UV art. This year’s series at Finlandia Hall features street art by the Mimmit peinttaa collective and the light-eating monster Violet by props artist Maikki Pekkala and light artist Lari Suominen.

Visitors to the Ultraviolet Gallery can also try face painting that makes them part of the light festival. Artists will be on hand at Finlandia Hall to create glitter face art that glows in ultraviolet light. Visitors of all ages can have their faces painted and photographed, and the resulting photo galleries will be displayed on screens. The face painting is sponsored by Lux Helsinki partner OP Helsinki.

“It is important to us to do something different, fun and engaging with locals. After having their faces painted, they can compete with all the brilliant light installations at the festival and share their fun and light art on social media,” says Saija Veenkivi, Regional Manager at OP Helsinki.

Lux Helsinki creates lively and colourful culture

OP Helsinki is keen to support urban culture and help create unforgettable experiences for locals and visitors to Helsinki.

“Lux Helsinki is an impressive communal event that brings light to the darkest time of the year and motivates locals to go out and enjoy the art together. Lux Helsinki is a unique event that creates lively and colourful culture in Helsinki. The light festival does a great job of engaging locals,” Veenkivi says.

Visitors to the Ultraviolet Gallery who want to have their faces painted will be able to take a number and see all the other UV art while waiting for their turn. The face painting is fully accessible and suitable for visitors of all ages. All participants will be given an electronic portrait that they can then share on social media.