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Helsinki is a city where impressive and memorable deeds are done. Helsinki is a fascinating combination of fun and excitement on the one hand and peace and quiet on the other, which makes our city unique. The city is being developed together with partners, and Lux Helsinki makes it easy for companies to get involved with Helsinki’s marketing activities. Lux Helsinki is a social media-friendly event that brightens up the darkest time of the year. Each year it attracts over half a million happy people to enjoy the light installations and fresh air, whatever the weather.

The festival’s partner relationships with companies focus primarily on enabling the installations and developing the visitor experience together with other partners.  Welcome aboard!

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Lux Helsinki 2020

“I dare say that Lux Helsinki is one of the top 10 light art festivals in Europe and perhaps even on a global scale, both artistically and technically. Lux Helsinki compares favourably with many leading international festivals. This is backed up by the feedback I have received over the years from my international colleagues. The best thing is that Lux Helsinki has given us the opportunity to develop the standing of light and video art in Finland, as well as to give something back to this field of the arts. It has given us a lot, and Lux is the perfect channel for promoting it in a variety of ways.”

Matti Jykylä, chairman of the board, Sun Effects

“Light can help build a sense of community: shared experiences and joy that everyone can contribute towards. The dark time of the year is much easier to cope with together than alone.”

Piia Matilainen, Community Manager, SATO

“Art and culture are very much present at Hanaholmen all year round, and teaming up with Lux Helsinki further adds to this, creating new experiences for our visitors in the form of light art.”

– Jaana Tamminen, Project Manager, Culture and ArtHanaholmen – Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre

“Light art creates joy and an exciting atmosphere in the built environment. The cultural-historically important park environment at Helsinki Zoo combined with the winter darkness create a fine setting for light art, as well as social conditions for enjoying the outdoors.”

Susanna Silvonen, Marketing Manager, Helsinki Zoo – Korkeasaari

Light art delights locals and enhances their wellbeing. Promoting urban culture is also close to our heart, and light art is a brilliant way of bringing buildings to life during the darkest time of the year.”

Pekka Metsi, CEO, Granlund

“It’s great to serve as the East Helsinki satellite for this mass event. We want to present light art for locals here to experience and invite new audiences to step inside Lux Stoa.”

– Sanna Nuutinen, Cultural ProducerCultural Centre Stoa

“Urban culture is the beating heart of City, and getting locals interested in events and restaurants is at the core of our mission. It’s an honour to take part and help add one more of the senses to the Lux Helsinki experience for locals.”

Laura Eriksson, Marketing Specialist, CITY

“It’s great that Lux Helsinki lights up the city and cheers up locals and visitors during the darkest time of the year. In addition to aesthetics, light is an important safety element all year round. It would be nice if Lux Helsinki inspired decision-makers to develop the city’s lighting in terms of both aesthetics and safety.”
– Ville Ketonen, CEO, responsible for safety during the festival, Local Crew

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