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Helsinki is a city where impressive and memorable deeds are done. Helsinki is a fascinating combination of fun and excitement on the one hand and peace and quiet on the other, which makes our city unique. The city is being developed together with partners, and Lux Helsinki makes it easy for companies to get involved with Helsinki’s marketing activities. Lux Helsinki is a social media-friendly event that brightens up the darkest time of the year. Each year it attracts over half a million happy people to enjoy the light installations and fresh air, whatever the weather.


The festival’s partner relationships with companies focus primarily on enabling the installations and developing the visitor experience together with other partners.

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Main partner






“I dare say that Lux Helsinki is one of the top 10 light art festivals in Europe and perhaps even on a global scale, both artistically and technically. Lux Helsinki compares favourably with many leading international festivals. This is backed up by the feedback I have received over the years from my international colleagues. The best thing is that Lux Helsinki has given us the opportunity to develop the standing of light and video art in Finland, as well as to give something back to this field of the arts. It has given us a lot, and Lux is the perfect channel for promoting it in a variety of ways.”

Matti Jykylä, Sun Effects






Communality is one of the cornerstones of our cooperative business, and Lux Helsinki offers communal experiences, so it was a perfect fit. The light festival offers easily accessible experiences for locals and visitors of all ages.

-Business Partner Susanna Mäkinen, about the reasons of OP to become a partner




Our apartments kicked off the Lux Helsinki event with the Light Challenge, in which all locals can participate. Our tenants were invited to transform together their apartment buildings into small works of art that glow with light and neighbourly warmth. We helped the communities in our apartment buildings to use their windows to create heart-warming installations that will brighten up their neighbourhoods.

-Head of Marketing Sanna Sneen about the role of SATO as a partner

Technical partners




“We supplied the technical implementation for projecting the light installations onto Helsinki Cathedral and the Museum of Finnish Architecture, plus we supplied a lot of the presentation technology for the points along the route. Bright Finland enables experiences through light, sound and image technologies. It’s great to help enable the implementation of these fantastic light installations in the heart of Helsinki for all to enjoy. You should definitely reserve enough time to experience Lux Helsinki. Enjoy the wonderful installations and stop for a moment to ponder the contents and messages beneath their impressive exteriors.”

Juho Hiidenmaa, Head of Sales, Bright

Network partners





Lux Helsinki is a real bright spot in the middle of the dark winter in Helsinki. From previous years we knew that there was a real demand for a food event, as many local restaurants are closed for the holidays after Christmas.

Editor-in-Chief Panu Jansson about Lux Helsinki Eat -food festival organized by City





We believe that the importance of light art within our built environment should be highlighted more. For our part we want to support this development, which is why we were keen to partner with Lux Helsinki. We feel that light art has enormous potential during the darkest time of the year.

-CEO Pekka Metsi, Granlund





It’s great that Lux Helsinki lights up the city and cheers up locals and visitors during the darkest time of the year. In addition to aesthetics, light is an important safety element all year round. It would be nice if Lux Helsinki inspired decision-makers to develop the city’s lighting in terms of both aesthetics and safety.

– CEO Ville Ketonen, responsible for safety during the festival, Local Crew




We are happy to see our coffee being served at such a high-quality city event. Lux Helsinki brightens up the winter darkness just as our coffee warms up the body and soul, so what could be a better combination?

-Coffee roaster and tea merchant, Lari Salomaa, Johan & Nyström

Technical partners