Become a partner of Lux Helsinki?

Helsinki is a city where impressive and memorable deeds are done. Helsinki is a fascinating combination of fun and excitement on the one hand and peace and quiet on the other, which makes our city unique. The city is being developed together with partners, and Lux Helsinki makes it easy for companies to get involved with Helsinki’s marketing activities. Lux Helsinki is a social media-friendly event that brightens up the darkest time of the year. Each year it attracts over half a million happy people to enjoy the light installations and fresh air, whatever the weather.

The festival’s partner relationships with companies focus primarily on enabling the installations and developing the visitor experience together with other partners. The partnerships of Lux Helsinki 2020 will be announced in the fall of 2019. Welcome aboard!

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Partners 2019

Main partner






“I dare say that Lux Helsinki is one of the top 10 light art festivals in Europe and perhaps even on a global scale, both artistically and technically. Lux Helsinki compares favourably with many leading international festivals. This is backed up by the feedback I have received over the years from my international colleagues. The best thing is that Lux Helsinki has given us the opportunity to develop the standing of light and video art in Finland, as well as to give something back to this field of the arts. It has given us a lot, and Lux is the perfect channel for promoting it in a variety of ways.”

Light art is in higher demand than ever before in both Finland and the world

Matti Jykylä, Sun Effects




“Collaborating with Lux Helsinki is a natural way for us to liven up the city and bring joy to the everyday lives of people during the darkest time of the year.”

Moonlight installation creates a magical nocturnal atmosphere at the Kansalaistori square

Pilvi Rissanen, Head of Marketing, Clear Channel Suomi Oy


“OP Helsinki is keen to support the locally vibrant urban culture and help enable unique experiences for locals and visitors alike. We want to present wherever our customers are, so Lux Helsinki and its impressive art installations in the urban environment are an excellent opportunity for us to interact with locals of all ages in a bold new way.”

Brilliant colours and amazing images – Ultraviolet Gallery makes audiences part of the light festival

Saija Veenkivi, Regional Manager, OP Helsinki




“The darkness is a common challenge for all of us here in the North, so why not fight it together? When everyone goes outside and walks together along the route, Lux Helsinki manages to transform the centre of Helsinki into everyone’s shared backyard during the darkest and coldest time of the year. This quiet, beautiful and bright communal event reflects our idea of what it should be like ideally to live in the same building with our neighbours.”

SATO celebrates the communal spirit of the Light Challenge

Sanna Marttinen, Head of Marketing, SATO

Network partners


“We at Granlund want to promote wellbeing in the built environment, and bringing this light festival to the heart of Helsinki during the darkest time of the year does exactly this. This is the third year that we are sponsoring Lux Helsinki, an event that manages to present light art in the nation’s capital in more and more interesting ways with each year.”

Pekka Metsi, CEO, Granlund

“We are happy to see our coffee being served at such a high-quality city event. Lux Helsinki brightens up the winter darkness just as our coffee warms up the body and soul, so what could be a better combination?”

-Coffee roaster and tea merchant, Lari Salomaa, Johan & Nyström

“Lux Helsinki is a real bright spot in the middle of the dark winter in Helsinki. From previous years we knew that there was a real demand for a food event, as many local restaurants are closed for the holidays after Christmas.”

Editor-in-Chief Panu Jansson about Lux Helsinki Eat -food festival organized by City

“Helsinki is an important place for us, as the story of our entire community is tied to this city and its streets on which our owners and other locals have walked for hundreds of years. With Lux Helsinki we wanted to share our urban space at an event that brings light and inspiration to locals. For us, Lux Helsinki means engaging in the everyday lives of locals and spreading joy amidst the darkness.”

Antti Kerppola, CEO, HYY Group

“The communal appeal of Lux Helsinki and the power that puts art into motion are things that we want to be involved in. We see the same sense of community when defending human rights; when individual people gather and work together to defend the rights that belong to all of us, the world becomes a better place.”

Saara Manelius, Head of Communications, Amnesty International Finland

“It’s great that Lux Helsinki lights up the city and cheers up locals and visitors during the darkest time of the year. In addition to aesthetics, light is an important safety element all year round. It would be nice if Lux Helsinki inspired decision-makers to develop the city’s lighting in terms of both aesthetics and safety.”

– CEO Ville Ketonen, responsible for safety during the festival, Local Crew

“Sanoma Media Finland is sponsoring Lux Helsinki because it’s a great event that activates the entire city. We want to be part of these kinds of events that create shared experiences.”

Ritva Lassila, Communications Manager, Sanoma Media Finland

“Lux Helsinki is one of Finland’s biggest public events, but at the same time it is very human oriented. Ramboll too focuses on people and user needs in our design work. Lighting plays a vital role in improving safety and the quality of life in cities. In addition, lighting enables many activities and functions that enrichen our lives in cities.”

Reija Pasanen, Senior Consultant, Ramboll

“Art and culture have a strong presence at Hanaholmen all year round, and our collaboration with Lux Helsinki further adds to this in the form of light art. It is fitting that Hanaholmen is able to offer a place for both Finnish and Swedish light art.”

Jaana Tamminen, Project Manager (Culture and the Arts), Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre Hanaholmen

Production Partner

“As a leading actor in this field, we want to enable Lux Helsinki to succeed and achieve the highest quality; in this way we can support the continuation of this festival as a major provider of light for Finnish emotions during the darkest time of the year. Over the years, the festival has created significantly more light art in Finland as part of the urban culture while also raising awareness of light art among the public.”

Juho Hiidenmaa, Head of Sales, Bright