László Bordos (HU)


Location: Helsinki Cathedral

The official Lux Helsinki route ends with the installation at Helsinki Cathedral. László Bordos from Hungary is a world-famous pioneer in 3D mapping who this time transforms one of the most iconic buildings in Helsinki into a breathtaking projection surface. The installation was inspired by the album Konstellaatio by the late Finnish musician Mika Vainio. Vainio’s sounds have inspired digital artists like László Bordos all over the world. Bordos and the organizers of the Lux Helsinki festival are dedicating this art project to the memory of Mika Vainio.

Using dozens of controllable lights and stroboscopes, the artist creates a light sculpture using a combination of real lights and virtual lights (projection). “I am emotionally attached to the great venue of Helsinki Cathedral and I feel honoured to be invited by the Lux Helsinki festival to create an artwork. I studied and taught in Helsinki for six months, so I have personal memories related to the Finnish culture and people. I hope that my work will bring a ray of light to the visitors of the festival.”

“I would like to use the sound of the great Finnish sound artist and composer Mika Vainio, who unfortunately passed away recently. In addition to being one of my favourite musicians, I also had the chance to meet and speak with him. He created a revolution in sound, and his work has really inspired me over the years. The artwork shown at Helsinki Cathedral serves as a memento of his inspirational music,” Bordos says.

In collaboration with the Hungarian Cultural Centre.


László Bordos (HU)

László Bordos (HU)