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Ann Veronica Janssens (BE)

Kiasma presents: Orange Sky Blue

Location: Kiasma

Time: 5–9 January 2019 5pm–10pm

A multicoloured lightscape shines through the window at one end of Kiasma. The glow is similar to atmospheric phenomena, like a rainbow or the Northern Lights. Ann Veronica Janssens is an artist from Belgium who uses physical phenomena, such as light, colour, sound and steam, to create experimental spaces in which it is possible to explore and strengthen our human observations.

Orange Sky Blue is created by using two projectors with a halogen burner and filter that lets only certain lightwaves through. The eye discerns the different wavelengths as colours of the spectrum. The intense glow of this installation can be admired from outside through the main window at one end of the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma.

“This installation is a field of coloured light that enables immaterial experiments with different colours and arrangements. It is about observations and the experience,” Janssens explains.


Ann Veronica Janssens (BE)

Ann Veronica Janssens (BE) Photo: Finnish National Gallery/Petri Virtanen

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