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Ivo Schoofs (NL)

Large Fire Tornado

Location: Kaisaniemi Field

Time: 4th – 8th Jan 2020 at 5 pm–10 pm

The fascinating Large Fire Tornado takes viewers to the mother of light – fire. Large Fire Tornado is a kinetic fire installation that creates a rapidly rotating flame that reaches a height of 16 metres.

Fire tornados are a rare natural phenomenon that can occur during forest fires when a strong wind lifts hot and dry air upwards. In this installation by Ivo Schoofs, a fire tornado is created by using a powerful source of fire and 36 large industrial fans. The flames are surrounded by a 12-metre hexagonal frame. 

Ivo Schoofs is a Dutch artist and technical engineer who got his idea for Large Fire Tornado after seeing a dangerous and fascinating fire tornado on a news report about a forest fire.

“I draw inspiration for my art from nature and am very interested in the power and beauty of natural phenomena. Nature is our ultimate teacher in many ways, both good and bad.”

Ivo Schoofs participated in Lux Helsinki for the first time last year with his installation Large Pendulum Wave.

Note: For safety reasons, the installation will take 5 – 10 minute cooling down periods.

In collaboration with Granlund.


Ivo Schoofs (NL)

Ivo Schoofs (NL)