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Eero Helle / Visual45 (FI)

Lux Architecture – day and night

Location: Helsinki City Theatre

Time: 4th – 8th Jan 2020 at 5 pm–10 pm
Duration: 6 minutes

This year’s Lux Architecture series illuminates the Helsinki City Theatre. The façade of the building is transformed into a landscape in which the colour scale flows from the cold shades of night to the warm sunshine of day. Combining sounds and music, the day and night installation is like a beautiful and soothing moment that invites you to stop amid the hustle and bustle.

“Nature is very important to us, yet it is often forgotten in our everyday rush. When was the last time you watched the sunrise, for example? This installation reminds us of the stunning beauty of the nature that surrounds us, with dramatic music providing a contrast,” says Eero Helle, artistic director at Visual45 and designer of the installation.

The Lux Architecture series highlights Helsinki’s architectural gems by illuminating them with exceptional brilliance. The Helsinki City Theatre continues the Lux Architecture series, which previously highlighted the Ateneum Art Museum (2016), the façades along the Market Square (2017), the Erottaja Fire Station (2018) and Finlandia Hall (2019).

Music: Kimmo Pohjonen.

In collaboration with Visual45.


Eero Helle / Visual45 (FI)

Eero Helle / Visual45 (FI)