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Åsa Maria Bengtsson (SE), Emma Rönnholm (FI), Jari Haanperä (FI)

Lux Hanaholmen

Location: Hanaholmen – Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre

Time: 4th of January –29th of February at 7am to 10pm

Lux Helsinki is spreading its light art to Espoo for the second time. Three installations by three different artists can be seen both inside and outside Hanaholmen, the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre.

Magic Carpets – Åsa Maria Bengtsson (SE)

Magic Carpets brings a sprinkling of oriental magic to Hanaholmen. This playful installation breaks down the barriers of indoor and outdoor spaces, as the projected colourful carpets can be admired by viewers in the open air.

Åsa Maria Bengtsson has always been fascinated by different patterns. At first glance, oriental patterns might be seen as just ornaments, but if you free yourself from restrictive and logical thinking, you suddenly notice something else. Just as a child, you might find animals, shapes and ghosts on wall coverings, ceilings or carpets on the floor.

“Oriental carpets create a feeling of something magical – fantasies, dreams and travels. At the same time, they remind us of the current immigrant situation.”

Serve Somebody – Emma Rönnholm (FI)

Serve Somebody is a collage of plastic bags that transforms windows into Gothic stained glass. Altogether the installation comprises eight plastic bag collages that have been made in the style of medieval stained glass. Influences have been sought from the cathedrals of Strasbourg and Chartres, for example.

Colourful LED lights shine through the collage, bringing it to life and changing constantly.

“This installation is both a hypnotic colour bath and a dialogue between modern consumer culture and the medieval religious worldview. It illustrates how the commercial and secular present is built on countless historical layers.”

FYR – Jari Haanperä (FI)

FYR is a homage to lighthouse beacons – fires and signals that light the way for night-time travellers. The installation comprises more than two hundred storm lanterns, three trampoline frames and light bulbs.

Since the start of his career in the 1980s, Jari Haanperä has worked as a light and sound designer, director and media artist. He uses both analogue and digital technologies, combining also acoustic-electronic and digital sounds, motorised movements, optics and objects. He is particularly interested in the production methods of early moving images, in which low-tech is used together with electric light.


In collaboration with Hanaholmen – Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre.