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Lux In

Location: Kaapelitehdas, Puristamo and Valssaamo

Time: 3–9 January 3pm–10pm

NB! Installation is located 2 km outside the route.

The third Lux In light art exhibition brings a diverse range of light art to the Cable Factory cultural centre on a gallery scale. The exhibition presents works by recognised light artists, as well as creations by students from the Lightning Design Master’s Degree Programme of the University of the Arts Helsinki.

Chaos Pendulum

Julia Jäntti
Chaos (Χάος in Ancient Greek) means disorder, mayhem. Chaos is a mother goddess. Chaos also refers to the primordial state of existence for the formation of the cosmos. The chaos theory in physics describes (seemingly) random phenomena, but generally an assumption that disorder – i.e. chaos – is the basic state of the universe.

Third Dimensional

Sampo Aatos
This installation explores space, form and colour through light, providing a new perspective on observing the three-dimensional world. The installation comprises three slide projectors whose projected images are shown individually or together, in which case they form three different basic shapes and myriad combinations. Each projector contains thirteen different alternatives for all three basic shapes that the projectors change randomly every 13 and 31 seconds.

Kontti (Container)
Veli-Ville Sivén
Kontti is a study of how we observe light and put it into words. How do we speak of light, and how does light appear in our everyday lives? This installation comprises a specially built room in which various people discuss light. The purpose of this study is to highlight the diversity of how we talk about light. It also reveals the different ways in which we view light and, at the same time, the world.

The Light
Mia Jalerva
The Light is an installation about the light that is not repeatedly visible in the installation. The light is in itself more important than its repetition, and its existence or non-existence is something visible in the moment is not particularly important. What is important is that the box contains a light that has the potential to be, as well as the light that potentially is.

Bubble Effect
Sofia Palillo
This installation explores through glass the possibilities and potential of sensitivity in our current world. It is an attempt to capture the moment.


Vilma Vantola
Clairvoyant refers to a person with the ability to see into the future – somewhere beyond our boundaries, where human minds cannot reach. Imagine if the future was right in front of us? In this installation, the viewer serves as the fortune-teller, so the view of the future is determined for each viewer individually.

Liquid Line

Teo Lanerva
In this installation, light engages in a discussion with gravity using water as an interpreter. When reflected through swinging water, light – which is normally beyond the reach of gravity – bends, yet always returns to its starting point as if it had mass. This discussion between the elements creates a motion that is both familiar and strange at the same time.


Fern Orchestra Collective: Markus Heino, Vespa Laine and Conny Sjöqvist
Photosynthetic bacteria and the microalgae that they form in water produce half of the oxygen on our planet. In other words, we have micro-organisms in the sea to thank for every second breath we take. Breath is a bio-light installation in which sea fire algae (Alexandrium ostenfeldii) create the phenomenon of bioluminescence when exposed to mechanical stress. Even though the algae itself is not visible to the naked eye, its light is. This installation has been created in collaboration with the Faculty of Environmental and Marine Biology at Åbo Akademi University and the Marine Research Centre at the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE).

Hindred Sync
Bojana Petkovic
Hindred Sync is an interactive installation that explores the connection between art, nature and technology. It has been inspired by the communication systems that can be found in nature and especially the moment when such a system is disrupted. It is based in part on the observation of fireflies, which use light to communicate.


Useita taiteilijoita

Useita taiteilijoita Bojana Petkovic