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Jouni Väänänen (FI), Mikko Kunnari (FI), Teemu Määttänen (FI)

Lux Korkeasaari

Location: Korkeasaari Zoo

Time: 25th of December – 3rd of January at 10am to 6pm
4th–8th of January at 10am to 8pm

Korkeasaari is illuminated with especially warm and atmospheric way in honor of the light art festival and darkest time of the year. In addition to festive lighting Lux Korkeasaari presents light installations by three artists at Helsinki Zoo for the cost of a normal ticket. For each ticket purchased during the event, one euro will be donated towards protecting snow leopards. Light art pieces are in full glory after sunset.

LOVE – Jouni Väänänen (FI)

Shining in brilliant colours, LOVE is a gentle riposte to hate speech, meanness and misunderstanding. The word “love” is an exhortation, a commandment and love itself, all at the same time. This installation is a continuation of graffiti artist Jouni Väänänen’s #Psykelove series, which comprises around 30 works that spread the universally resonating message of love.

“The conversation especially in social media around just about any topic has taken on harder and rougher tones for years. At the same time, we are interacting with each other more than ever before, and yet we are growing continuously more apart and alone. I believe it is high time to change directions. That’s what these works are trying to do.”

The spray painting adventure that began in the mid-1990s has taken Väänänen over the years to many different places, including prison, the position of project manager for urban art, a curator for art museums, and countless condemned buildings throughout Europe.

Humanimal – Mikko Kunnari (FI)

In this installation, a human is formed from animals through metamorphosis. Humanimal is a video installation that blurs the distinctions between man and animal, engaging viewers to consider man’s alienation from animals and nature. The work is a tribute to all animals.

The inspiration for this work has come from natural tribes and shamans, who are able to adopt the characteristics of an animal and assume the form of a spirit animal.

“Man’s relationship to animals has changed over time. Modern man has become alienated from nature and animals as a result of industrialisation. Due to the accelerating pace of industrialisation and farming, large numbers of species have disappeared, and predators are seen only as enemies of people and their livelihoods, even though predators too have their own place. Without animals there are no humans.”

ATLAS TREE – Teemu Määttänen (FI)

In this installation, imaginary maps and charts move across a tree trunk. ATLAS TREE lets you observe the motion of the mapping in different scales, from the motions of microscopic nutrients to macro-level movement, from the movements of industry and society all the way to the cosmic scale. The work is different every time, as it is generated in real time based on various random and simple algorithms.

“My art explores the relationships between space, light, colour and movement, as well as the associations that are created by changes in them. I want to create works that allow these ideas and observations to be shared with others.”

Teemu Määttänen has created projection-based installations for galleries and light festivals, and he has worked as a media designer, set designer and lighting designer for dance and theatre productions since 2006.


In collaboration with Korkeasaari.