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Jakob Kvist (DK)
, Jaakko Niemelä (FI)
, Janne Ahola (FI)
, Nohlab (TR)

Lux Torikorttelit

Location: Torikorttelit

Time: 4th–8th of January at 5 pm to 10 pm

Lux Torikorttelit presents light art by four artists: one inside the Torikorttelit courtyard, one at the Market Square, and one inside the lobby of City Hall.

Dichroic Sphere – Jakob Kvist (DK)

Torikorttelit courtyard, Aleksanterinkatu 22

Jakob Kvist’s installation Dichroic Sphere lights up the Torikorttelit courtyard in magnificent colours, creating geometric patterns all around. The installation explores the dualistic contradiction between the natural and the unnatural. It is a man-made light object that invades and complements the surroundings and nature.

From far away, the installation appears static, but when you examine it up close and from different sides, a whole new world is revealed. The installation uses dichroic colour change films that change colour when viewed from different angles. It also looks different depending on the natural light. In the dark, light shines from a lamp within the installation that lights up the surroundings at the same time.

“I am fascinated by how light affects people and how it can evoke primitive instincts. Many contemporary light installations are very interactive, yet they still leave the viewer passive. I usually think of my works as sculptures or paintings. In order to understand it entirely, you have to dive deep into the light.”

In collaboration with Torikorttelit.

Nostalghia – Jaakko Niemelä (FI)

Music: “Miserere Mei, Deus.” Composer Alessandro Scarlatti. Performance by La Stagione Armonica.

Duration: 5 min
Market Square

Nostalghia is a video animation of the last moments of a container ship before it collapses. The destruction of the ship symbolises the breakdown of large structures and a kind of total finality.

The sea and seafaring are subjects that have fascinated Jaakko Niemelä for years. The artist’s father was a sea captain who spent most of his life at sea. After he retired, he became ill and lost his ability to speak, becoming a distant figure to his son. He died in 1985. Now the artist is trying to get to know his father again through art.

“I have followed in my father’s footsteps by voyaging on oceangoing ships and exploring places that he visited when working as a sailor and captain. On a personal level, Nostalghia is about sorrow, letting go and longing.”

Jaakko Niemelä’s nautical exhibition Nostalgia can be seen at the Helsinki Art Museum HAM until 15 March 2020.

In collaboration with Helsinki Art Museum HAM, Helsinki Biennial and Torikorttelit.

Moments in drift – Janne Ahola (FI)

City Hall

Rut Bryk’s ceramic wall relief City in the Sun in the lobby of City Hall comes to life in a completely new way in Janne Ahola’s installation. Moments in drift is an abstract depiction of the changing of the seasons.

“Video mapping creates a new layer by projecting an image that further highlights Bryk’s kinetic work.”

The installation runs on a loop without a beginning or end. It should be viewed as a painting or statue and not as linear video art. The sound design for the installation is by Tommi Toivonen.

Streamline – Nohlab (TR)

City Hall

Streamline is a video installation that explores flow dynamics. The installation features changing and flowing liquids whose movement continues even if their direction and form changes. Projected onto a big screen in the lobby of City Hall, the installation has been inspired by various forms that are designed to minimise flow resistance on surfaces.

“Streamline uses experiential storytelling to reflect the viewer’s relationship with their surroundings. This way, each personal interpretation is part of the experience”, says Nohlab.

Nohlab is a studio focused on producing interdisciplinary experiences around art, design and technology. It builds a bridge between the digital and the physical reality and creates stories that combine observation and experience.