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Lantern Park

Location: Kaisaniemi Park

Time: 4th – 8th Jan 2020 at 5 pm–10 pm

Experience the enchanting light created by four hundred lanterns! Lantern Park is a Lux Helsinki classic that this year lights up the beautiful Kaisaniemi Park. Unique handmade lanterns create a dreamlike and magical atmosphere among the trees.

Lantern Park has been created by children, young people, students and artists, whose individual works create an impressive installation when put together. Lantern Park is a communal art project that gets bigger with each year, lighting up the area around the Töölönlahti like never before. The oldest lanterns date back to the first Lantern Park in 2012.

This year’s lanterns have been contributed by the Aleksis Kivi Primary School, Apollo School, Porolahti School and the Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Visual Arts.

In collaboration with Sun Effects.