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Meri Ekola (FI)

Magic Mirror

Location: Tokoinranta boat dock

Time: 4th – 8th Jan 2020 at 5 pm–10 pm
Sound design: Marc Meliá

The large illuminated letters of Magic Mirror by artist Meri Ekola represent our eternal attraction towards mirrored images. The installation plays with the enigma of mirrored images, borrowing from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

The installation is a critical reflection on our relationship to smartphones and how insidiously they have become extensions of our thinking and bodies and a reflection of our souls. We have become dependent on the attention bestowed by that modern magic mirror, like the evil queen in the fairy tale. We turn to it whenever we seek answers to the questions that puzzle us. We stare at the realities of our own lives on the screen, while algorithms that know our needs better than we ourselves do stare back at us. 

“I was inspired by the location and the water next to it, which by its very nature led me into the world of mirror images.”

The installation is meant to be viewed while walking.

In collaboration with Sun Effects.


Meri Ekola (FI)

Meri Ekola (FI)