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Jere Suontausta (FI)

Mirrorowl (Bubo speculus)

Location: Kaisaniemenranta

Time: 4th – 8th Jan 2020 at 5 pm–10 pm

Mirrorowl (Bubo speculus) is a sculptural light installation that hoots from a tree branch. The installation features a fictional dystopic bird species imagined and created by Jere Suontausta. The artwork is made almost entirely out of recycled materials.

The artist gathered the materials for his owl from places such as flea markets and rubbish bins. The outer skin of the owl, for example, is made out of the reflectors from museum lights, Czechoslovakian baking forms and dessert dishes. The sound for the installation was also discovered nearby: The gloomy hooting of the Mirrorowl comes from the door of the mirrored closet in the artist’s student digs.

“The installation is both an introverted fantasy and a statement. The wide-eyed owl casts a stare on us on the verge of climate catastrophe and mass extinction.”

In collaboration with Korkeasaari Zoo.


Jere Suontausta (FI)

Jere Suontausta (FI)