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Mimmit peinttaa, Maikki Pekkala & Lari Suominen

Ultraviolet Gallery

Location: Finlandia hall, front courtyard

Time: 5–9 January 2019 5pm–10pm

Lux Helsinki presents its second annual Ultraviolet Gallery series of UV art. This year’s series features street art by the Mimmit peinttaa collective and the light-eating monster Violet by props artist Maikki Pekkala and light artist Lari Suominen.

Mimmit peinttaa: UV Gallery (FI)

Mimmit peinttaa (“Chicks Paint”) is a collective of ten female artists whose UV street art is lined up in the front courtyard of Finlandia Hall to create a brillian neon passage through which you can walk. Comprising 40 individual works of art, the UV Gallery features historical buildings in Helsinki, graffiti, graphic portraits and animals. The Mimmit peinttaa collective represents an event concept for street art organised by the urban culture association Mimmit ry, which supports projects and workshops for women. The association’s mission is to highlight women as creators of urban culture. Artists: Ruusa, Ninakuu, Leena Pukki, Poppamaija, Nora Helsinki, Norde, JR, Elina Holley, Yamahamay ja Nilam.

Maikki Pekkala & Lari Suominen: Violet (FI)

Violet is a monster that lives in a cave and loves to eat light. Created out of UV lamps, textiles, wood, reflectors and motors, Violet combines light, drama, motion and sound in a way that has never before been seen at Lux Helsinki.

“Even though Violet might make you laugh at first, it is ultimately quite a sad figure. One can find deeper themes in it, such as the cruel treatment of animals and people,” Suominen explains.

Music: Hicham Chahidi / Valse des Lilas

This installation is sponsored by OP Helsinki.


Mimmit peinttaa, Maikki Pekkala & Lari Suominen

Mimmit peinttaa, Maikki Pekkala & Lari Suominen Maikki Pekkala & Lari Suominen

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