SATO celebrates the communal spirit of the Light Challenge: “We hope that neighbours now chat together more on their staircases”

Nothing brings out the light more than the darkness – and nothing makes us long more for the light than the darkness. Inspired by the desire to light up the darkest time of the year, the Lux Helsinki light festival has announced its second annual Light Challenge. The goal behind the Light Challenge is to share the power of light in a communal way in the heart of winter by inspiring local residents, businesses and communities to create their own light art.

Lux Helsinki partner SATO is kicking off the Light Challenge for the second year in a row. Last year, the apartment buildings belonging to real estate company SATO were adorned with a wide range of creative light art, including candles made from post-it notes, peace signs and even unicorns.

“Last year’s Light Challenge brought residents together for the first time to create their own light art. We hope that it helped bring neighbours together and that they now chat together more on their staircases. Our own employees also decorated the windows of our head office in Käpylä, and the office building across the street responded by creating their own light installation! We all need light in the darkness, and we can share it with others even in the smallest ways,” says Sanna Marttinen, Head of Marketing at SATO.

This year, SATO’s tenants have collaborated on many interesting light installations, including one that uses tissue paper and electric lamps. Other ideas that are being worked on include giant candles and snowflakes, as well as illuminated façades. Further information about the light installations at SATO buildings can be found here.

“We challenge all our tenants to get together and create light art, photos of which can then be shared on social media using the #valohaaste hashtag. We can help brainstorm ideas and provide materials for those apartment buildings that come up with their own ideas. Our staff can also help implement the ideas and at the same time chat over coffees in the club room,” Marttinen promises.

According to Marttinen, Lux Helsinki and SATO very much share the belief that local wellbeing comes from spending time and doing things together.

“The darkness is a common challenge for all of us here in the North, so why not fight it together? Light can also be emotional light. For us it is neighbourly warmth, thinking about those we live with and cheering them up. This joy can be shared through the light installations at our apartment buildings to the entire neighbourhood for all to enjoy amidst the darkness,” Marttinen adds.

Read more about the Light Challenge here.