Join in Lux Helsinki!

Professional programme

Each year a seminar and a workshop are organised in connection with Lux Helsinki for artists, organisers and professionals active in the field of light art.


Want to include your own light installation?

If you are a professional artist and would like to create an installation for Lux Helsinki 2019, please use this form to submit your proposal.

Designing the official Lux Helsinki route and selecting the installations are the responsibility of two leading experts in the field of light art: lighting designer Ilkka Paloniemi and Matti Jykylä, one of the founders of Sun Effects Oy, a leading company in this field. Each year our two artistic directors create a dramatic structure for the festival in which all the installations support each other.

The programme aims to find a balance between the specially commissioned installations and the popular favourites from international light festivals. Approximately half the artists represent Finnish expertise in light art. In addition to the diverse programme, we also pay attention to gender equality when selecting the artists. Each year the route also features topical installations that take a stand on current issues.


Unfortunately we are unable to respond to all proposals and provide feedback about them. We are currently working on plans for the January 2019 edition of Lux Helsinki.