Light Challenge!

Lux Helsinki challenges local residents, communities and companies to light up the darkest time of the year by creating their own light installations. Light is empowering and brings both warmth and joy. The experience it creates should be shared!


Take part

The Light Challenge promotes a community spirit by encouraging locals to design and implement their own light installations together with friends, family, work colleagues or fellow students. The light installations can be created in any way you like, for example out of materials you can find at home. Once your light installation has been created, you can participate in the challenge by sharing a photo, video or gif animation of your installation on social media using the hashtag #valohaaste. The Light Challenge will continue until mid-January, when the three best installations will be awarded. Participating installations do not have to be large-scale projects for a chance to win; instead, the most interesting and memorable images will be selected.

You can present your light installation anywhere you like in Helsinki except along the official Lux Helsinki route. You can even set up your light installation in the middle of your room, but naturally it will create the most joy in a place where it can be seen by others – for example, on a façade, in a window or inside a courtyard. Challenge your school, customers, neighbours or even grandparents to create their own light installations, or get together with your neighbours and decorate the windows of your apartment building!

What kind of light installation will you come up with? Join in the Light Challenge! #valohaaste

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“The best thing about the Light Challenge is doing things together and sharing the joy with the entire community. We consider light to be much bigger than just something you can see with your eyes; we like to think that doing things together will also brighten up minds. The Light Challenge encourages people to work together to create a good atmosphere for everyone to enjoy on a daily basis – neighbourly warmth that warms you up during the coldest months of winter and brightens up your mind during the darkest time of the year.”


Head of Marketing Sanna Sneen, SATO