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Ivo Schoofs (NL)

Large Pendulum Wave

Location: Nervanderin puistikko

Time: 5–9 January 2019 5pm–10 pm, Lux Morning 9th of January 7am–9 am.

The poetry of mathematics and the beauty of physics! Large Pendulum Wave by Dutch light artist Ivo Schoofs is a huge kinetic artwork that comprises fifteen pendulums of varying lengths. When the pendulums are released at the same time, each one moves along its own trajectory and at its own frequency, creating a fascinating and constantly moving motion. The installation does not use motors once set into motion; the movement of the pendulums is based purely on gravity.

Combining colours, motion and music, this 12-metre installation will be a hypnotic sight in the dark evenings of January. Large Pendulum Wave has toured the world, but the artist has created a special version for Lux Helsinki that features the song “Scorpius” by Finnish band Op:l Bastards, for example. The installation adapts to the music, so each song creates unique art.

“All life on earth is based on miraculous movement”, Schoofs says.

The Pendulum Wave effect is best viewed from the short triangular side of the installation.

This installation is sponsored by Granlund.