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Marco Brianza (IT)


Location: Screen outside Helsinki Music Centre

Time: 5–9 January 2019 5pm–10pm

A sequence of differently coloured moons creates a magical nocturnal atmosphere at the Kansalaistori square. Moonlight is a video art installation by Italian artist Marco Brianza that gradually transforms the moon into pixels that light up their environment – the object disappears but the power of light remains.

According to Brianza, the large LED screens are not just images, as they unavoidably transform the space in front of them by projecting dynamic light all around, especially at night. With this installation he wanted to restore the atmosphere of real moonlight to the city.

Moonlight changes the purpose of advertising screens, as they become giant lamps that light up their environment. With my art I want to encourage people to be present in the urban space, stop staring at the screens all the time and relate to one another,” Brianza says.

This installation is sponsored by Clear Channel.