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Zach Lieberman (US)

Reflection Studies

Location: Kunsthalle Helsinki

Time: 5–9 January 2019 5pm–10pm

New York artist Zach Lieberman creates art through coding, light and electronics. He is intrigued especially by light art that viewers can participate in through their own bodies.

Reflection Studies is a playful and interactive installation that gives visitors to Lux Helsinki the opportunity to explore, test and above all create art with lights and shadows. Members of the public can unleash their creativity on a large light table that projects the motion and patterns onto a wall. Each participant transforms the installation into something personal. Reflection Studies is based on Lieberman’s experiments with light and software that he presents daily on his Instagram account.

“I am passionate about light and its motion. I love how light can be mathematical, angular and precise, yet at the same time also liquid and undulating,” Lieberman says.

This installation is sponsored by U.S. Embassy Finland.