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Immanuel Pax (FI)


Location: Finlandia Hall, Hesperia Park side

Time: 5–9 January 2019 5pm–10 pm

The growing number of security cameras in public spaces reflects how our society is controlling freedom. What do we need to make us feel safe? Higher walls, armed guards?

The video art installation TRESPASSING by Helsinki-based light artist Immanuel Pax takes over the public space by turning the idea of security cameras on its head. In the installation, the camera has been replaced by a video projector that transforms the dull grey wall into a moving work of art. Instead of a security camera recording the movements of locals, the projector projects onto the wall a minimalistic video in which the pieces of a metal fence turn into birds flying away.

“The main themes of this installation are safety and freedom and the contradiction between the two. In the name of safety we are ready to restrict human rights, including even freedom of speech and human rights. Recent examples include the building of fences between countries and migrant camps all over Europe. The installation can also be viewed on a personal level – we are all fighting against our own limits and trying to throw off our chains,” Pax says.

This installation is sponsored by Amnesty International Finland.


Immanuel Pax (FI)

Immanuel Pax (FI) Immanuel Pax

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